User Guidelines

Dear Users,

It is expected by the ATChemSol that each user must completely fill his/her profile information for successful acceptance as a user on ATChemSol. Incomplete/ half-filled/ misguiding/ fake profiles or profile information will not be accepted and the account will be deleted from the website (ATChemSol will not be responsible for any type of loss). Here, we are giving some guidelines for users to complete their profile and information must present on the profile page. Please follow the following guidelines for successful completion of the profile. For profile information, go to Menu-> My Account-> click on personal information.

Guideline for Freelancer or Service Provider account

This account is for an individual wanted to work as a freelancer. The user can post the proposal for the projects and complete the project in a defined time frame. In the basic account, a freelancer is only able to post proposal not project. Freelancers must complete their profile or personal information to increase the chances of getting selected for the project after bidding. This information will be displayed on the user page and can be seen by all firm users.

  1. Please select username carefully. The username will not be changed after registration.
  2. Please input your correct and full name. Avoid using only initials.
  3. Select the state from location and enter your city. The user must provide his/her current city.
  4. Description: Please fill your complete information in the description. Following are guidelines for the filling description. Include the following titles so the visitor can easily go through your profile. This is the section which will display you on the website so please fill it completely.

4.1 Title: First 269 alphabets (including spaces) will be displayed as profile title. Please explain your skills, strong points, experience as Freelancers, which will be displayed with your image.

(including spaces) will be displayed as profile title. Please explain your skills, strong points, experience as Freelancers, which will be displayed with your image.

4.2 Expertise (Max 5): Write your expertise.

4.3 Working Frequency: 1) Full time, 2) Part-time

4.5 Working Hours: Please give working hours per week. 1) >40 hours/week, 2) 40-20 hours/week, 3) 20-10 hours/week, 4) <10 hours/week

4.6 Qualification: Start with the highest degree and so on. Add year of passing, percentage/CGPA, institute, state, Subject etc.

4.7 More about yourself: Write more about yourself (300-500 words)

4.8 Experience: Include Organization, Duration (dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy), Designation, Work profile, Experience in the organization

4.9 Research Experience: Yes/No

4.10 Research articles, papers, reviews or patents: Yes/No

4.11 No of Research articles, papers, patents with their status: You can copy and paste your information from doc file.

4.12 Awards and Honours:References: Please give at least 2 references. The information must include full name, affiliation, working email address, contact number (the information must be correct. (Old or outdated contact information will be considered as incorrect information)

4.13 More information: You can more information in this section.

5. PayPal email: Enter you PayPal email address for transactions.

6. Password: Please enter the correct password. Do not share the same with anyone. Try to keep it strong using above combination-> Capitalised, symbol, number, more than 8 characters in the password.

7. Profile Avatar: This is a professional website. Please use or upload you (account owner) professional photo. Do not use picnic, hanging out, with pets, casual images. Photo must be clear and visible. Do not use a photo of any other person.

8. Email alerts: Select categories and sub-categories for email alerts.

Guidelines for Firm or Service Contractor account

The Firm account is for company/industry/firm or any business entity registered under the company registration act. An individual without any business registration cannot register under this user type. The Firm must provide proof of the business entity. ATChemSol reserves right to ask for the legal documents as a proof of business (shop and establishment license, GST, cancelled bank cheque, PAN, Udyog Aadhar). The account will not be accepted as the user by ATChemSol for Incomplete/ half-filled/ misguiding/ fake profiles or profile information. Please follow the above guidelines for the successful completion of the profile page and getting more proposals.

  1. Please select username carefully. The username will not be changed after registration (try to use Frim name as username).
  2. Please input the complete name of the Firm. In name.
  3. Please select State and write down the registered office city. If the Firm located in various cities the user can provide information in section 4.
  4. Description: as the name suggests input information of your Firm. Following are the input fields must be added in the description.

4.1. Title: Please write about the firm in 270 characters.

4.3. Firm details: address, contact person etc.

4.3.1: Firm Name

4.3.2: Firm Address: Office1, Office2

4.3.3: Firm contact details: Email, Phone

4.4. Contact Person details: (provide at least one)

                                4.4.1: Person name

                                4.4.2: Address

                                4.4.3: Designation in the Firm

                                4.4.4: Contact details: Email, Phone, Mobile, Fax

4.5. Legal information: (at least send one document)

4.5.1. GST number: User must give GST number and submit documents to email [email protected]

4.5.2. Shop and Establishment Licence submitted: Yes/No

4.5.3: Cancelled cheque with Firm name submitted: Yes/No

4.6. Scale: Micro/ Small/ Medium/ Large

4.7. Number of Employees:

4.8. Firm Profile: Brief introduction, History, products & services, turnover etc.

5. PayPal Email: Company can provide its PayPal business email address for the transaction, but not mandatory.

6. Avatar: Please upload the official company logo or photo. The photo must be company property. No other images were accepted.

For any help please send email to [email protected]